Friday, October 30, 2009

Crunch in rhymes with Munch in

Good morning Ladies!

I have already worked out this morning (yay). Thank you for giving me the push to get started again. I didn't have time to do a 50 minute workout (that will hopefully start next week), but I got in my 20 minutes. I won't add a point for that since I innocently stole a point for posting my testimony (ha). Oops!

I also got on the scale and I'm down from yesterday 203.8. Hey, I'll take what I can get. I know, it doesn't count, but I love that my scale shows ounces. It is encouraging. :o)

I am making better choices since I know I'll be reporting to you all. Nothing like having more than one conscious (or peer pressure -- whatever it takes, right?).

For those who don't follow my blog (and why don't you? ha), I'll share that our family opens our farm to the community. We currently have a very busy corn maze business right now (ending Sunday, hallelujah). We have had around 15,000 people come through our yard since Labor Day. With this handy dandy (ok, I'm listening to Blues Clues in the back ground) corn maze comes a concession stand (stocked full of bad things --- like evil chocolate). Yesterday I completely avoided my true love of chocolate. Instead I enjoyed the Weight Watcher giant fudge ice cream bar. At least that was better than the real stuff (I guess).

So, as of next week I will be able to increase my water intake again. Since I'm tied outside to the maze, it wouldn't be wise to fill up on water. Uh no, not wise at all. I really expect to see some changes next week and will hopefully get some measurements (yuck).

Have a super blessed day everyone! May we fill up on God's Word (since we don't live on bread alone).

(Ok Dani Joy - I am guessing I add a point for this post, but I'm not adding a point for my workout since I stole a point yesterday.)

Love in Him,
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