Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a cat's life!!

Yeah Hey it's Friday!!!

As I wait for my laundry to finish before I head out for a swim I can't help feeling how much easier life would be if I was a cat.

After breakfast, which somebody else made her (me) she leaves her dirty plate and heads off to the bedroom, crawls into the bed covers (which are still warm thanks to her humans having only recently vacated them) and settles down for a nice sleep. Not that she hasn't spent most of the night there anyway.

When we returned from our recent holiday and collected her from our niece who'd been cat sitting, she was decidedly fatter, so much so that on the first evening home when she tried to jump up on to the top of the bookcases like normal she discovered that gravity had a stronger pull than before (I think we all know that feeling!). So we put her on a diet. Without consultation or agreement, in fact just the opposite of agreement. Our puddy diet is simple, less wet food but unlimited supply of vitamin rich cat biscuits. After 2 weeks of meows claiming torture and starvation our puddy is now less podgy.

Just like us, she prefers to nice food, processed cooked "meat" in gravy, rather than the healthier food that takes more effort. How much easier it would be for us if someone else organised, cooked, served and cleaned up our food. Dieting would then be so simple!

However, seeing as I'm an adult not a cat dieting's not so simple. I made good food choices yesterday even though I only got home at 7:30pm and had to start preparing from scratch. Planning it before hand helped alot.

Keep crunching it ladies, we'll let the cat's laze around in bed whilst we get slimmer, fitter and healthier.

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