Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pancake recipe

I imagine Dani is very busy trying to help us out, therefore I am going to write a recipe here that she gave me on the phone last week. It´s ok for one day a week. And as I said I didn´t make this up myself.

3 eggs
3/4 cup cottage cheese 0% light ( in Spain or Europe Fresh Cheese what we call Queso Burgos or Queso Fresco 0%)
1/4 cup wheat flour
Separate whites from yolks. Beat whites until they are white likesnow. Soft peaks
Beat the yolks till thick and then add cheese and beat. Beat in  flour and then fold in the whites.

Be sure the griddle is hot to sizzle a drop of water. put 5 in. of batter on the griddle. Cook till it starts to firm up and you can flip it without breaking it.
Topping instead of syrup.
Sour Cream 0%
Sugar free jelly.

I hope you like them. I haven´t made them yet but I will this weekend.



Dani Joy said...

They are great!!! They are the best pancakes ever. They are called Jillian´s Hot Cakes.

You´re right.. I haven´t even gotten to post my Crunch In post for yesterday or today. jeje

But I am having a blast!! This is brilliant! I pray everyone can keep Crunchin´

Dani Joy

FringeGirl said...

These sound really good. I'm going to try them!

Ketty said...

Dani, I am not sur about what kind of chesse you need to buy in America. I tried to translate the "queso fresco" for cottage cheese, but you can probably tell all the girls better than me what kind of cheese to buy in th US.