Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Q & A

Has anyone figured the TICKER? It is asking me for a PIN.

~un poco blog-challenged


Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Karen, don't ask me! Did you notice I made mine disappear? (as far as I know I did all this and look what I got!)

Dani Joy said:
1. You click on the ticker with your name on it.
2. Click on edit/update
3. Your first name is your password.
4. Add in the amount of points
5. Click on next.
6. Go back to the our blog
7. You will see your points there.

Dani Joy said...

Let me see if I can do yours. It has to be only your first name. no more no less. :) sometimes it´s a little picky.

Dani Joy said...

Ok Anita you are all set. :)

only change the amount where it says add.

nothing else should change.

Dani Joy said...

oh Anita, You get 2 points for the tips post, plus your other post - the Crunch In, plus your 20 min work out. so that´s actually 5 pts I think. How does that sound? I won´t be able to keep track all the time but I just read all your posts. ;) Great job!

Dani Joy said...

Karen, I updated your ticker 2 points for the kick off. If you exercise today that´s another 1 point and if you post about it an other one. the post about your exercise is the Crunch In.