Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome! Let´s get to know each other.

Welcome ladies to the official blog for the

Christmas Crunch Challenge

It is a huge answer to prayer that so many of you ladies have joined in. Yes, I have been praying for you already! This is going to be a journey. An 8 wk journey that will take you through your whole life. A challenge to make a difference in your lives or, for some, a challenge to keep on. I want to encourage you to challenge yourselves, pray for each other, and lift each other up. May we "Crunch" it to Christmas and be pleasing to Jesus in all we do. 

First, please read over the rules section. This will guide you through the challenge. There maybe minor changes along the way, so they will be posted in this section.

Second, Let´s get to know each other. Write a post telling us who you are, something fun about yourself, and why you want to do this Christmas Crunch. You can share pictures here too if you would like, however there will be a section for weight loss pictures. (I hope) Please lable this post with your name and "Testimonies". (label options on the bottom of editor) This should be done before we start counting points on Wednesday. (this post does not count as a point)

Third, prepare a kick off post for Wednesday or there after. This post will include several very important things to be able to keep track of your progress. Please label it with your name, measurements, and kick off.
Please include:
1.Your age
2. Your height
3. Weight ( optional ) or how much to lose (not optional)
4. measurements ( please go to the measurement category to see where and how to measure)
     *** You do not have to post your measurements if you do not wish to, but I highly recomend you write them down. There will be days and weeks you do not lose weight, but those inches will come off if you are doing exercise. ***
5. Photo-  A picture of you now, if you so desire. It´s all in involvment, Ladies. :) You can do as much as you feel comfortable doing.

This "kick off" post will count as 2 points.
(Points are covered in the rules section)

Remeber to come back often to read your comments and receive the awesome encouragement that is going to help carry you through this challenge. This is of utmost, Ladies! Lot´s of encouraging! Cheerleading! Wooo Hooo!!

Let´s CRUNCH it, Ladies!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"
Philippians 4:13

(The blog is still under construction. Some buttons do not work yet. If there is someone who understands coding and templates, I could sure use some pointers. )


Nina in Portugal said...

WooHoo! Let's do this!!

I'm going to work on a post soon......promise. I've got three parties to prepare for..one today, tomorrow and again on Sunday. All for Faith's 9th B'day....we're all about celebrating over here in Portugal!!

Sarah said...


I tried to click on rules and it wasn't doing anything. I didn't know if you put them in there or not.


momstheword said...

As I sit here munching on buttered popcorn I figured I'd better enjoy it now, lol! Hey, whadda mean I can't suck in my stomach when I take measurements? No fair!!!!

Erica from our Five Mom's blog knows html, by the way, and might be able to help you figure it out!

Mary said...

Dani, thanks so much for bringing us together for 8 weeks of transformation, both physically and spiritually. I know it will be fun as well as encouraging, and I'm looking forward to meeting new Sisters in the Lord to share this walk with.

God bless you!


Susan said...

Excited to be on this journey together. May we be an encouragement to one another and as a result become more like the women of God that He wants us to be!

In Dani's words,
"Let's crunch it!!!!"

Charlie said...

Hi Danielle,

I already worked on my post, but I'm not sure how to enter my measurements.


Bert Johnson said...

Hi Dani, looking forward to getting started. How do I post my measurements.

dlweniger said...

This is my first post--a test post--to see if it is working for me. I am doing Christmas Crunch to help with consistency. My weight is where it should be and I'm pretty good at eating healthy (thanks to my mom who was on a perpetual diet). But with homeschooling three kids, and being a pastor's wife, I have a hard time getting a workout in every day. Hoping this will help!

dlweniger said...

I did 15 minutes of "I Want that Body" abs workout and 10 minutes of "10 minute Pilates wokout" burn. Would like to keep going, but kids are up. :(