Monday, November 23, 2009

23rd on Nov.

Well, I wasn´t sure if I wanted to tell you or not about starting the 30 day shred program of J. Michaels, but I did finally started today. I´m not sure Iwill be able to keep it up for 30 days, but if I do I will finish the same day we finish our Christmas crunch, and I didn´t want to fail, so we´ll see what do I end up doing. I hope I can keep it up. Three of my children did the whole program with me.

As I said I started on Level 1 for 30 minutes and I also walked for 30 min.

I also had good food options today. I will post it as a tip tonight or tomorrow.

I hope you are all having a good day.


Joy said...

Good for you, Ketty. Now that you´ve started, just ask the Lord to help you stay focused. My stomach problems have improved in a big way since I´ve begun the Crunch...and I´m convinced it isn´t the food, as much as just moving the body.

Ketty said...

Are you sure the food has nothing to do with your stomach problems? Remember, your symptoms are very similar to mine.
I am sure exercise also helps big time, moving all of those muscles I forgot we had :-) and yes, moving the body is good. Even though we´ll see if I will be able to move any part of my body tomorrow, jejejeje.


Dani Joy said...

Now you can´t quit.. what kind of talk is this!! You start it you finish it! Girl, you obviously didn´t play sports! Never say No! jeje

If you hurt tomorrow, go a little lighter but don´t skip! Just keep pressing play. It´s ment to be done every day! It´s will change your body! I promise!!! Especially your middle!!

I have people telling me this all the time. They didn´t really see the difference in me till I did the Shred!

I am with you! I just did 40 min of Jillian´s Metabolism boost..

Kickin and Crunchin´with ya,
Dani Joy