Monday, November 16, 2009


Alice asked for advice and I have another suggestion: when I had my bladder cancer, I was very faithful with my water. I had 8 bottles of water that I filled each night and left in the frig. It was easy to keep track of how much water I had consumed and easy to grab and go. If you don't have room in the frig, just keep them on the counter. Please remember to replace your plastic bottles after several uses as they will begin to deteriorate after time and give off toxins. Anita 11-16


Dani Joy said...

Great tip! That is so informative.

How long ago did you have cancer? Is it totally cured?

Praisin and Crunchin
Dani JOy

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

This February I will make my 5-year clear-of-cancer goal. God was very gracious...the doctors were not happy when we decided to 'chance' it and do an aggressive treatment, including, of course, prayer and faith! They said in 6 months I would be back and it would be worse! I can only trust Him more for HIS plan as I have several friends who have died from cancer. It is very humbling and yet gives me confidence in knowing God has me here for HIS work and not for MY plans. FOR SURE PRAISIN AND CRUNCHING