Monday, November 23, 2009

All In The Name Of Exercise is the situation.

This is a true story. I kid you not.

While exercising outside yesterday with my dog, he jumped up on my backside and pulled my skirt down to my knees!

In plain sight of the neighbors who were out enjoying the beautiful weather....and moon!

Moral of the story.....

-wear clothes that fit while exercising
-leave the dog inside
-rest on Sunday's like God intended

God does have a sense of humor.


KathyH said...

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

Oh Nina, this is too funny! What kind of punishment did you give your dog? and your neighbors were watching? Oh my, just glad that you are able to laugh about it, which is the best thing when you are so embarrased. Have a good day! Love, Joy

Ketty said...

LOL!!!!, but I am sorry about it, but as Joy said, it´s better to laugh about it than to be upset.
That shows your sense of humor.


Dani Joy said...

IN the BUFF!! Jeje!

oh my!

YOu got the sensationalism award today girl!!!

Big hugs! I hope you aren´t damaged for life. ;)

Dani Joy

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Oh, Wow! Are you going to exercise outdoors again??