Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Monday...

I worked out this morning using my Full Circuit DVD, 50 minutes. I also did 10 minutes on my elliptical at level 8.

4 good things happened this weekend. 1) On Saturday, my husband said he can tell my thighs are getting smaller. 2) This morning, he told me he thinks I am ready to get new weights, and that he needs to buy me 2 and 3 kg weights. 3) He bought me some new clothes from Christopher & Banks online. Hopefully my mom can remail them, and I can get them by Christmas. 4) Yesterday I was able to wear a skirt to church that I haven't been able to wear since last summer. It doesn't fit me quite like I would like it to yet, but I got it over my hips (always a big challenge) and it wasn't tight on my waist!

I am still not seeing any change from last week yet on the scale, but I'm going to keep working!



Joy said...

Great news for you, Tami. I totally can relate about getting the skirts over my hips :) And even though my scale is NOT moving, I am fitting into my clothes better and I am feeling better, so I too will continue. Have a good week. Joy

Dani Joy said...

wooo hooo!!! GReat Crunchin!!! you are losing inches!! This is a big step!!

you will see these changes first as your muscles are getting into shape. then the scale will drop. But remember muscle weighs more than fat. ;)

Dani Joy