Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have cookies for my Sunday school class each week. Today I decided we could all do with a non-sugar treat and took crackers, the little round ones. I used them to form the first letter of their name. They loved the change and so did I! Not nearly the temptation as cookies are. I am still struggling with drinking all my water. Guess I will have to pull out some of my old tricks: fill two glasses full of ice and put water in them. Leave them in rooms that you frequent. Every time you pass the glass, take just a sip of water. That way it won’t seem like you have to drain the entire glass and have that sloshing loaded-stomach feeling. Think of one glass of water as 16 little sips. Can you take 4 sips every 15 minutes? You will finish a glass in ONE HOUR. I am going to work hard a following my own tip this week! Anita 11-8
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