Thursday, November 19, 2009

Better Late Than Never...

My husband tells me I can’t get anywhere on time… and here I am three weeks late!

My name is Sarah F. I am 29 years old and a mother of two kiddos who are 4 and 2. Having them has changed my life for the better. Not only did they save my life, but they are also the very reason that I started on my fitness journey in June of 2008.

I “met” Dani in “Bloggy World” about a year ago. She introduced herself on my fitness blog All Pain ~ No Gain, and ever since then we have been Accountability partners. She’s done an awesome job on her own, but I have to say that I’m solely responsible for introducing her to resistance bands, and Miss Jillian Michaels!

I started out weighing about 158-160 lbs. (I topped out at 182 with my kids). I was losing slowly, so I though it would be a good idea to start a blog about it for support (it’s the best thing I did!). I began doing Jillian Michaels’ Making the Cut and saw huge results from it. It is meant to me a 30 day thing, but I did it for 9 months. After 9 months I changed things up by doing Zumba & spin classes. Then my family moved into my in-laws house while our new home was being built and I started P90X. I completed the 90 days and saw my muscles had changed for the better. When starting it in June of 2008 I then weighed 155 lbs. I now weigh 126 lbs. I have lot about 35 lbs.

I also completed my very first 10 K (6.2 miles) in 1 hour and 8 seconds on halloween. I am now planning on doing another one is April!

My goal weight is 125 lbs, and of course there’s always something that pops up along the way. In September I fell down a fight of stairs cracking 2 ribs and bruising 4 vertebrae. It wasn’t the injuries that were the problem, it was what turned up on the CT scan with my bladder and uterus. The very same day you all started “Crunchin” I was in surgery to repair my bladder and uterus. I SO badly wanted to join you all and be there for support. But the doctors have told me no lifting over 5 lbs for 8 weeks. (I guess they don’t have kids of their own and don’t know how impossible this is with a 4 and 2 year old).

I have been walking on the treadmill and lifting 5 lb dumbbells doing a TON of repetitions just for the sake of holding onto my muscle. I have been reading up on all of you and you guys are doing an amazing job! The holiday times are the hardest, so stay strong!

Below are pics my husband took of my the day before my surgery 2 weeks ago...

Sarah F.
All Pain ~ No Gain


Dani Joy said...

Yay Sarah!!! You made it! ;)

Thank you so much for introducing yourself and giving us a bit of your testimony! You are an inspiration!

you are right, you introduced me to the Drill Sargent of all Drill sargents, Jillian! She has wipped us hasn´t she?

You forgot to add about your 5k! That was a great accomplishment! Well, we gotta save some for other posts.

Did you read that I might host a Spring Fling? Like Fling that Fat! jeje

Thanks again!

Big Crunchin´hugs
Dani Joy

Sarah said...

Yeah, I totally forgot the 10 K part. Thanks for the reminder. I added it in!


Ketty said...

Welcome Sarah. I hope you start to feel better after your surgery. I hopw we can chat soon.

And you look great, I can´t even imagine myself looking that that, there is too much skin around my belly, thanks to my 4 kids :-)

Keep crunching!!!

The Herd said...

I might have to bite the bullet and have that shipped to me!! Go Sarah!!

KathyH said...

Hey Sarah!

Great to meet you. You look soo good in those photos :o) You may be late joining but I'm sure you'll soon be racking up those points.

Even so, don't rush back into exercising to soon after surgery. Take care.


Tricia said...

Holy Cow! I'd kill for a stomach like yours. How'd you do that?