Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dani´s Crunch In 14 - Staying Fit in Our Old Age

Good evening!

We are all off to a great crunchin´week. I have read some great encouraging news from many of you. It´s so great to read how you are having to step on the scales twice to be sure you are reading it right. I felt that way many times in these 11 months of my journey. It is so rewarding when you do see your goals being met.

I just got done doing the Trouble Zones dvd. 45 min. worth. It´s the first time in a few weeks I have been able to do it two times in a week.

Last night I crunched it out on Level 2 of the 30 day Shred. 20 min. And had walked another 20 min.

I encourage you all to really sweat it out! Sweating and Cardio are what burn those calories. You must burn 3,500 calories in order to lose 1 pound.

So in Jillian language,

"Don´t phone it in!"

In Dani language,

"Keep crunchin´it, girls!"

I use to yell a lot on the soccer field. I played fullback, in the backfield. I saw what was happening on the field. It was my job to help the halfbacks and the forwards know when to get back and help out on defense. I never was a cheerleader, but I sure got my share of cheerleading in those years of playing soccer. (not to mention kick-hiney running)

One of the things that I use to yell at the girls to help them to play better defense was,

"Get in their shorts!"

It was a hilarious way of saying
"Stay on your man!"

You see, we need this same mentality against fat.

 WE can´t let it sneak up on us. We have to stay with it ladies. We have to keep crunching, and yes, crunching into our old age.

Really though, it is my prayer, that we will be able to stay fit and healthy for the service of the Lord well into our old age.

Here is a recent article that really encouraged me that we can stay fit into our old age.

If you've been blaming your belly fat on the fact that you're growing older, now's the time to stop believing that weight gain is an inevitable part of aging! Yes, as we get older our hormone balance shifts in ways that encourage weight gain. For example, testosterone and DHEA levels decline in men, and women's insulin-regulating hormones become less effective. These changes can decrease muscle mass and energy while increasing belly fat and insulin resistance. But there's no reason we can't stay healthy and keep our hormones balanced as we age. Ongoing research suggests that age-related muscle decline is largely under our control. The more we eat clean, live clean, and work out, the better our hormone balance will be, and the healthier our metabolisms will remain.

I can't tell you how many people just let exercise slide as they get older; then they turn around and blame their lagging metabolism on their hormones. I'll be honest — I don't like to exercise. But the reality is, we have to do it. Your body needs exercise the way it needs oxygen and water. It's crucial to maintain muscle mass as you age: A pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a pound of fat does, and muscles scoop up blood sugar and enhance your body's insulin sensitivity.

As for optimizing your hormone balance, the best way to do it is naturally. Nature has provided us with the cure for a lagging metabolism — we just neglect it! We have amazing whole foods that not only help us balance our hormones but also fight cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. So what do we do? We spray them with pesticides and other chemicals, turning our natural medicine into poison. We have to reclaim these whole foods and fight back against the many ways our hormones are under assault every day. Don't wait until you're blowing out 50 or 60 candles on your birthday cake — fight for that healthier lifestyle now!

Doesn´t that totally make you want to keep crunchin´???

No slackin´ except on Thanksgiving.

I give you Thanksgiving off.
Don´t over do it and get sick, though. :)

No posting till the Friday after.
(LOL.. but seriously we are almost hitting 500 posts! Amazing crunching, Ladies!!!!) 

I love you, my Team Crunch!

Big Crunchin´hugs

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