Monday, November 2, 2009

Crunch in, and a little encouragement

Hi Everyone,

Last night for dinner I had a delicious chicken stir fry made from vegetables from my own garden. Veggies included were: onions, garlic, celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, pea pods, and zucchini. YUM! I love chicken and veggies. Here is a picture of my dinner plate. I drank water as I always do for dinner.

Well, I was going to wait until tomorrow to break out my progress, but as I stepped on the scale this morning, I decided another day was to long to wait to post this. My weight is now 55.5 kg. That means I have dropped 2 kg already! I'm really excited. I've been working hard, so it is good to see some results.

Now for today's exercise update. I did my stretching and Creative Aerobics DVD for 50 minutes. I am noticing that I have more stamina. Usually I would be watching the DVD counter when it hits around 20 minutes, thinking, I can't believe this isn't over yet. Today, I noticed that I didn't become a clock watcher until a little after 30 mins!

I know I wrote in my earlier post that I always lost my weight after pregnancy, but my pregnancy weight gain was always a very sad story. When I was pregnant, I was always ravenous, ate as much as I wanted, and drank juice all the time. I know that is really bad, but that is what I did, and I ended up with a 57 lb. weight gain with my older daughter. I did a little better with my son, but only because I was sick the first half of my pregnancy, and gained nothing. I quickly made up for it though with a 39 lb. weight gain for that pregnancy. My younger daughter was not much different. I believe I gained about 50 lb with her. My body now bears the effects of my dietary indescretion. I have stretch marks for life, varicose veins, and when I lose weight, I have skin on my belly that just sags and looks like melted cheese. I am not proud of this, but that is the reality I have to face for not being careful about what I ate. Oh, and I never exercised while I was pregnant either. By the end of each pregnancy, all I wanted to do was hide at home. I got so tired of people asking me if I was having twins or triplets. Sigh, the sad thing was I did it all to myself.

I was talking to Dani Joy, and she said I should post a pic, since she did, so here it is. This is a picture of me 6 hours before my younger daughter was born. Unreal, isn't it? I am happy to say, I am now a shadow of my former self.

Keep it up everyone. Remember, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me!



KathyH said...

Hi Tami!

Wow what a great job, 2 kilos already :o) Thanks for the encouragement too, I really (REALLY) didn't want to get on my bike this morning but after reading your blog I got off my lazy butt and did my allotted 10mins.

Now sat eating my oatmeal and fruit feeling much more energetic to start the day.



Dani Joy said...

AWWW Tami! I feel the same way about my pregnancies. I ruined my body. :( But I will with His strength from here on out take care of it. Could you send me your mailing address. I think I can send you some oils that may help. Unless you can get oils up there. I have been using Romero oil and Almond oil. also I found a cream that seemed to make some difference in the elesticity of my skin.

You are encouraging me so much!!

Crunchin´with you!!
Dani Joy

Mary said...

You're doing great, Tami! Love the pic with your sweet babies...they are the reason we do be healthy and energetic to keep up!

Your chicken dinner looks yummy...I had a similar meal last that chicken!

Crunchin' with you!

Beth in NC said...

WTG on the 2 kg! That is wonderful. In your picture, you look really thin except the baby belly. But I know what you mean about "doing this to yourself" ... I am there too. I am praying God will give my skin great elasticity.

Keep up the good work Tami.