Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crunch in day 6 - at Camp

Today I worked at camp and since we left early I didn´t get my exercise in, but I did work a good 5 hours. I´ve been good with the food part and always enjoy the fresh air and the work. For some reason, I work harder than I do at home, but don´t get as hungry.
Looking forward tomorrow to measuring. Today when I put my skirt on I thought, "how nice to put on a skirt without having to suck it in to button it" :) That, my fellow-crunchers, is something I wish for us all. Joy


Dani Joy said...

Joy will you be able to mark points for your working at the camp. was there a bit of work that you were moving constantly or walking constantly for 20 min.? Maybe then you could count some of it. :)

I am so excited to hear about everyone´s measures tomorrow too.
I am not sure I will measure though just yet.

big crunch
Dani Joy

Madridmom said...

I am looking forward to the same thing as you were mentioning with the clothes. i am measuring but I think the "real" test will be with my clothes. I have a few things that I am going to be really happy to get rid of when I no longer fit in them. Wishing you the same.