Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AcaiBerry Detox and Colon cleanse.

Has anybody ever taken these? For months I´ve been reading about them and how good they are for cleaning you colon and losing weight. The reason I bring it up is because my mother had color cancer 3 years ago, she is doing ok now. But I have inherited most of my moms diseases and I would like to prevent it as much as I can. Of course you are going to read good and bad about these Acai products, I imagine is because of the competition, but I just wanted to know if anybody here has tried them, I did buy a bottle of each and I am going to try it for a month to see if it works along with my new life style of eating and exercising.


I hope you are doing your crunching today. I was able to get a 40 min walk today. And I ate well today also, so far, so good. Wheat pasta, ONLY ON SERVING, instead or 4 or 5 like I am used to. And I also had lettuce, and a fat free cherry yogurt. And NO bread.

My kids also "help" me all the time by asking me if I can eat this or that. I´ts a group effort I guess. They know all about this diet and I´ve been telling them about some of you, so sometimes they ask me questions about how you are all doing.

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