Thursday, November 12, 2009

crunch in Nov.12

Today the menu at school did not include salad (we had potato salad :( :) and chicken. When we got home, we ate some lean ham (serrano) on a little piece of toast and sliced tomatoes. I also had a little square of dark unsweetened chocolate. All this means that there is not much more I should eat before going to bed. I do not feel like exercising, but I'll let you know I will, so I am committed! This is a good way to get encouraged! Ask me if I did :)

Have a great evening. You all are being so faithful. How much longer until Christmas? ;)



Dani Joy said...

Only 6 more weeks!! wow!

I had a really rough day. Ate well anyway but had a headache and was nausious all day. Slept maybe 4 hours. still stuggling.. I don´t know what it is. I thought maybe it was the increase in water. I was worried to say the least.

Lord willing all will be well tomorrow so I can exercise again.

Dani Joy

Maribel said...

Have you checked your blood pressure?
Cause you are not pregnant, right?
Well. I hope you feel better soon. Everything takes time getting used to, even the water drinking. After a while, you will think 3 litters is normal and you will crave the water.
Have a good evening.

Ketty said...

Jajajaaja, I still don´t crave water, I don´t even think I will.