Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday - Crunch in

I didn´t post earlier because I was rushing to pack our suitcases. My dh decided that we´d leave a day early for our planned trip on Friday to a wedding, so we could have an extra 24 hrs. of rest.

I actually got my 30 min. of exercise, and after supper, we´re going for a long walk as well. We stopped to eat on the highway, and I actually left food on my plate, which left me feeling good - not stuffed. Not sure what will be on the menu for supper, but I´m going to try and eat with moderation, and keep exercising, because then I will feel really rested.

P.S. While traveling today, our van hit a huge piece of hard plastic wheel well with a metal rod attached, from a semi-truck in front of us who´d blown a tire. We are just so thankful for God´s protection! The plastic underside of our van is broken, but no other apparent damadge.
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