Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crunch In

Yeah, yeah... I'm still here. Not doing so well, I have to admit:( Yesterday, I just felt bad all day, and laid down for a nap in the afternoon. Big mistake, because it caused me to miss my exercise.

Today, I made sure to get in 35 minutes of step aerobics and about 10 minutes on the trampoline with my son. I have not done so well with the eating. Somehow, if I don't have something prepared ahead, I usually mess up. So, I'm gonna make some light tuna salad and keep in the fridge. The first two weeks, I made sure to have a lean protein on hand, however this week seems to have gotten busy.

You ladies really encourage me! Keep it up!


Siberia said...

Kristy, Sometimes we all need a nap. You've been working hard, and maybe you needed that rest more than you realize. I remember being so much busier when my kids were smaller. You are doing really well to get your exercise in.


Nina in Portugal said...

We ALL have days like yours!

Just get up the next day with a renewed purpose, plan ahead and go for it!

We didn't gain weight in one day, and we certainly don't loose it in one either!