Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crunch IN

The flu has hit us. I am ok, Caroline and Randy are not. Took Caroline to ER last night with 103.5 fever. We rested last night. Our teammates kids have it also. Missionary Teen retreat starts in 12 days and there are a mountain of preparations waiting. We are being stretched, but our trust is in the Lord to "move this mountain!"


Ketty said...

I hope you recuperate soon.
One of my students had the swine flu last week. I hope I don´t get it but we´ll see, the rest of the students will probably get it.

See you later

Anita said...

Hi Karen, Barry was down 2 weeks ago with the same high over it in 3 days and 2 wks later down again...this is very strong virus! Take care and we are praying for you guys. Wish we were closer to be able to help out!

Anything I can do on the computer for you? love, Anita

Karen said...

Thanks Anita and Ketty. Did Retreat shopping yesterday and home today - oh such work! So now that I'm home and everyone has been fed, I'm going to pace myself and work at home. Forget classes for this week. I'm concentrating on trying not to come down with this thing. ONE LADY brought it to church last Sunday. So unthoughtful I think. Several were very sick at Ejemplos. Goodness, do we have to share EVERYTHING?

Beth in NC said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry! I pray for swift healing in Jesus' Name. I also pray it doesn't pass to another person.


Siberia said...

Praying for you and all that is going on in your family. Satan loves to throw things in our way to discourage us. I'll be praying for everyone to get better soon, and for your retreat preparations.


Sarah K said...

Praying along with you for the Lord to "move this mountain".