Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WK3 Ketty

Not a big change this week for me. I think from now on it will be much harder for me to lose weight, I don´t know why, but I´ll keep crunching to be in a better shape (and mood). The worst of it is that I´m smaller in those places that I don´t need to be smaller, arms and thigs, but the rest is the same. And my weight is up but I think the reason is because my time on the month is coming soon, I never remember when, or because of the pizza I had on Sunday.

Bust 40.5 in. same
Chest 34 in. same
Waist 35.4 in. same
Hips 39.5 in. same
R thigh 21.5 in 21 in.
L thigh 21.5 in. 21 in
R arm 12 in. 11.5 in
L arm 11.5 in. 11 in

Weight 147.5 lbs. UP to 149.5

Have a great day
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