Friday, November 13, 2009

Crunching In!

Back on track. LOVING the calorie counter on every day life. com! It's helping me see how I'm doing from day to day. It tracks calories, water, exercise and uses cool charts which are fun but more importantly this site is a smart way to be sure you are getting the nutrition you need. I think it would have prevented my problems last week when I got sick and then inhaled everything I saw. I was hardly eating 1000 calories and riding my bike for an hours using 700 calories. Not good!

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Dani Joy said...

I am glad this is working for you.

Something I am learning is that we have to stick with what works for each of us. I mean, I was losing weight pretty good and now I have been trying new things and it´s not working. I think I need to just go back to my way. jeje. which is more of a combination of things I have learned that have worked for my body type. We have to listen to our bodies too. This is something I have been learning to do.

I pray this will be a great new beginning for the rest of your life.

Dani Joy