Friday, November 6, 2009

Dani´s Live Strong - Crunch 6

It´s so fun to count what you eat this way. I had to estimate some things but over all, I found good equivalents.

Exercise for today:
1 km swim/20 laps in 35 min. and
a 15 min. hussling walk to karate class with the boys.
I will add that all to the
10 min extra from my 50 min. workout yesterday.
for 3 points for exercise!

Did you see how many calories that is??? Now, I really want to get that watch that calculates heart rate and calorie burn.

I felt like I over ate today though. :/ We shall see on the scales tomorrow. jejeje

I am going to try this Live Strong calorie calculations for awhile to see if it works for me.

Great tip, Alice! Thank- you!!!


Madridmom said...

How did you get the report to print on your post? I'd love to do the same sometime.

Madridmom said...

Oh, and I hate to be a pain about this but with website URL's it is important to be perfectly accurate because you never know where you will land with even one character difference in the address: it is livestrong not livingstrong. I typed in livingstrong (dot) com and ended up somewhere else. Since some of our crunchers will try typing in the name instead of clicking on your link (which is fine, btw) I just think we need to reinforce the correct name. OK, that is my perfectionist point for the day. You are doing a fantastic job with all this, Dani!

Dani Joy said...

ooops another "fallo"! I will go fix it right now. I need a proof reader! thank you!

I took a screen shot of my daily plate. it´s a button at the top of your key board that says PRTSC SYSRQ. you press that and you have your screen shot saved in your "papelera" clipboard. Then you open the program paint and paste it and crop it how you want it. Save as and you have your foto to upload to blogger.

Big Crunchin´hugs
Dani Joy