Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drinking water

I still can´t drink 2 liters of water a day, but this is what I do to help me know how much I´ve been drinking. I have a 50 cl. bottle of water near me all the time and I drink from there. I keep refilling the same bottle, that way I know how many bottles I need to drink in one day. If I drink 2 bottles I know I had 1 liter an so on.



Dani Joy said...

GReat tip girl! I sometimes do the same thing. I mostly have a large glass and know that 4 of them is what I need. It works good. But I somedays am not sure if I am getting enough or not. Still working on it too.

Dani Joy said...

Ketty this is your fourth or fifth tip! You are lovin this aren´t ya!? ;) Only count 6 points ok for your tips. (all together) I labeled your last post as your crunch in.

Great Crunchin!
Dani Joy

Maribel said...

Even better, Ketty, fill a 2 litter bottle and make sure you do not go to bed before you finish it. (:

Ketty said...

jajajaja Maribel, that´s a great idea, but I carry the little bottle with me even if I go out to teach or wherever. Can you imagine what a pig purse will I need to carry a 2 liter bottle with me everywhere? :-)

And ooooopps Dani, I remember you said we can give 3 tips a week, and I forgot to count from Wed. to Wed. I thought right away it was a new week after Monday, so I won´t count my last tip, jeje. I was never good at math in school so probably I still can´t count :-)

Have a good night crunching friends.