Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Crunch

This morning I started off totally un-motivated to exercise but reading Tami's "crunch in" motivated me to get off my lazy butt and on my bike.

I'm enjoying the G.I. diet, the idea is never to be hungry. Both yesterday and today I've not been able to finish my evening meal :o) how cool is that, all portioned out and it's too much.

I went on my walk and talk today, unfortunately she had to bring her kids along as their playdate got cancelled due to sickness. With 2 young girls tagging along we only managed the 2km route round the park not the 5km even though they had their bikes. We did however play on the tetter-totter in the playground afterwards, an adult and a child on each side! Wow, it really works the thigh muscles and the girls loved it. Next time I'll get someone to video us, you'll all wet your knickers laughing!!!!!!!!!! LOL. After that I parked on the 4th floor of the car park on purpose so I could take the stairs. And I still have another 10 min session on the bike planned for this evening.

Photos from the park Schönbusch (beautiful trees) and it really is beautiful, especially with the autumn colours.
Keep crunchin'

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