Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crunch In, Tuesday - 60 minute workout

Happy Tuesday to everyone...I hope that all of you are happily sticking with your healthy eating and exercising programs. The time seems to going by quickly, and I really think the 8 week challenge is going to be here before we know it. I want everyone, including me, to reach Dec. 23rd., with a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction that they didn't quit...so don't quit!

Today, I did my 60 minute walking workout with Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds. I didn't do an additional workout last night, but will try to do one tonight. For me, I need it, because otherwise, I get so tired, I just want to sit. There's no excuse for me...I don't have little children, only one big husband, to hold me back, so I'm going to put my body to work and build those muscles, tone those legs, and shrink those hips. Once I put the DVD in, the tiredness leaves me and the workout relieves the stress and tension of the day, so I sleep better...remember that we need the sleep, and did you know that you LOSE WEIGHT when you sleep? So get those ZZZZZZ'S!

My weight is still at 162...I went up a few ounces, not back down, but I'm not discouraged that it isn't more. It will be very soon, and by the end of the challenge, there will be enough of a weight loss to push me on to continuing into the Spring Fling! And I am seeing my measurements make a slow move to SMALLER!

God bless everyone - crunching and praying with you all!
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