Friday, November 6, 2009

Homemade Crunch In

Saturday morning on a cold chilly fall day. I would wake up to the smell of mom’s homemade vegetable soup. We did not have a lunch schedule nor a dinner schedule. You could play all day, run home for a hot bowl of soup and crackers, and run back outside. Dinner was the same. We did not have to come home until the street lights came on so it was an entire day just to play! I have decided to play this weekend. I already have the vegetable soup on simmer and no meals planned. Everyone gets their own food when they are hungry. The only addition is a loaf of homemade bread for my husband. He thinks crackers are sugarless cookies, not worth their crunch! The best part of my soup is the ingredients. Mom always added one ½ cup of bacon grease and tons of potatoes. Mine is healthier: one liter of chicken broth, a bag of mixed vegetables, and cabbage. The completely huge pot is less than 500 calories. When I get tired of playing, and get that hungry feeling, I will be all ready. 11-6 Anita


Madridmom said...

so what are you going to do to "play"?

Mary said...

Hmmm...homemade soup sounds great, especially with the rain I see outside! Glad you're finding the time to important.

Happy crunchin'!

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Haven't gotten that far yet! I could rake the leaves that cover my 3 x 5 foot front yard but I think it would be more fun to go looking for a dining room table. A lady in our chuch is moving and is giving us her dr chairs. Two are chewed up by the cats but I'll cover with pillows! I could hit Sharlas house. Their black dog 'Blackie" had 9 or 8 mini blackies. I think SHE needs to come out and PLAY!!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Yum! Sounds inviting!
We had a little snow today... but it didn't stay.
I live in Canada.. btw.