Friday, November 6, 2009

Crunch In Friday

Just wanted to make sure I post a Crunch In today. I don't want to make Dani nervous thinking that I've gone AWOL. ;-)

I managed to get 40 minutes of walking done on Wednesday. I've found that forgetting things at the grocery store is really helping me. Since we only have one car and my husband has it at work, if I've forgotten something for a recipe, I'm forced to walk. I'm beginning to hate that I live in a city FULL of hills, but I think it's good for my bottom. ;-)

Yesterday was 41 degrees and raining, but I set my stove timer and jogged around my house. It was mildly pathetic, but I figured it was better than nothing. My son officially thinks I'm nuts. I'm happy to report that I got 20 minutes of exercise in while my soup simmered.

Nothing yet for today, but it's still early in the US.

Have a happy weekend full of good, healthy foods and exercise!

By the way, I dropped another pound (total 3), but I'm not counting it until Wednesday. I have to be sure it's not a fluke. Maybe it's just that I got a haircut! ;-)
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