Monday, November 2, 2009

hurt in

Well, I am SORE from my shred with Jillian yesterday. I feel like an old lady whenever I have to sit down--I have to ease myself into it. Who knew someone could do that to you in 20 minutes?
I decided to do 30 minutes of Fat-Burning yoga with Denise Austin today, and then walk to the library with the boys.
The yoga was a piece of cake after yesterdays shred, but tomorrow, I'm going back for more torture with Jillian...It makes me proud to say that!! :o)


Mary said...

You should be proud! Good for you...keep it up!


Siberia said...

Good job! I am pretty sore after my Full Circuit DVD also, but I decided I am going to push myself, and force myself to do it 3x/wk. We can do it!

Dani Joy said...

hahaha! I totally relate! Jillian and I are sometimes not on good terms. I just do it cause I know she knows what she is doing and gets results.

In no time those muscles will get with the program. I am sore too today from my jog, but want to get back out there and do it again. Lord willing Thursday. So hard to get up so early.

Dani JOy