Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday 02

I really don´t have much to say today, I just want my point for posting :-)

But I did do ok with my diet except for no time for exercising. Now, I wonder, how come today was a holiday in here but I didn´t have time for crunching? I don´t get it. The rest of the week I homeschool 4 children, I work, I cook, I clean, I do my exercise etc. And where did the day go today? No idea.
Anyway, I hope I can doble my walking tomorrow to make up for today. It seems like when you have nothing to do, you really do nothing. I like better to have a full day then, with tons of things to do, (NOT just kidding:-) )

Another reason I didn´t feel like doing much today is because I´ve been thinking and praying a lot today for a friend. She and her husband are missionaries not too far from where we live, in Navarra. We have homeschool-coop. for the last 2 years every Friday. Last week her husband wrote to me to tell me, his wife, my friend Lisa, has colon cancer and has spread out to her liver. Today and tomorrow, doctors are running more tests to find out if there is cancer anywhere else. My friend Lisa Leatherwood is 36 years old, and has 5 children, from 3 to 14 years old.
I´ve been praying and asking the Lord to have mercy, to give grace to her family and me to accept whatever His will is, but it hasen´t been easy. I am also trying to imagine what else is He trying to teach me this time. Another reason for me not to think about tomorrow, but rest in the Lord for eveything and live everyday as if were the last day of my life.
Please, would you pray for them also? They are American missionaries and have been in Spain around 10 years.

Finally at the end of the day my dear friend Shelley (she is in this crunch with us) took me out of the house and spent a few hours together, which I really appreciated.

And just before going to bed tonight, I read in my Bible, Romans 12:2 reminding me that God´s Will is always PERFECT. Amen.

I hope you all had a great day today.

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