Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little inspirational thought

I edited my measurement message to include the starting measurements and was glad to see I had lost over 3.5 inches. Then I thought to myself: This is like learning; as you become wiser, you realize all the things you don't know. As you lose some inches, you realize that there is still some more to lose. BUT, let's keep in focus the priorities in life. I want to be sure I am crunching for inner beauty as well. You too ladies! Let's be more beautiful inside by Christmas than we are now. When the Christmas rush begins (for some it has already) and our schedule gets loaded with activities, let's remember to "work out" internally, pressing towards the mark!

Have a good day,



Joy said...

Thanks Maribel, that is food for thought! I want to loose inches, but I don´t want to have wrong motives, and your are so right...Christmas can get sooooo hectic. May the Lord help us to show His love during these coming weeks. Love,

Dani Joy said...

Thank you Maribel! Yes, so true! I am praying to this end too!

Beautiful Inside! Crunchin´inside too! ;)

I think the Lord did some crunchin on me today. ;)

Big crunchin´hug,
Dani JOy

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

So true.. I try to never work out my body, until I have worked my spirit.
Remember... body exercise profiteth little, but godliness is profitable unto all.

Ketty said...

Ditto to eveything said here.
Thanks for your thoughts Maribel