Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Crunch

Hey Ladies

Today's a looooooong day but with a bit of pre-planning I've kept to my eating plan. Left overs and a freezer mean I always have a tupperbox with something good ready to heat and eat.

One of my colleagues is a chocoholic and HE (yes he) has a drawer full with goodies to torture me with every afternoon when I get the munchies - like today! I just mentioned that I could really eat some chocolate but wasn't going to so he started demonstratively choosing what he was going to eat and noisily rustled and munched his way through a whole packet of Jaffa cakes. I ate a yoghurt :o)

My 1 hours pilates class was fun, though I think I'll have sore arms tomorrow from a new excersie we did, and now I'm back a church waiting for a seminar to start in 30mins. Hopefully I'll get home by 10pm, then it'll only have been a 13hour day. Ho hum.

See ya !

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