Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Crunch in

Thanksgiving was a huge blessing this year, and yesterday at church was a good day although we had to deal with several "issues". God helped me through each one and I thank Him for that.
Didn´t weight yesterday (forgot!) because Sundays are crazy, but did weight this a.m. and I´m down to 70.4 (last week 71.3 all week). I ate normal yesterday...well, healthy and also had a dessert cup, so what is up with that?!?! I met with Jillian this morning for a full 40 min. and am ready to eat breakfast and begin another busy prechristmas week. Looking forward to holding onto that 70 number in the kilos:) Hope to hear that we´ve all had blessings and see progress on Wed. when we measure in.
Cooling down from my crunching,


Madridmom said...

Great news on the weight! But you are doing so well, don't plan on hanging onto that number 70 too much longer. I predict you'll be seeing 69 soon!

Ketty said...

Hey, I´m exited for you. Can´t wait to see your numbers next summer :-)
Remember, poco a poco, day by day. We can´t do it all in one day, look at Sara F. after one year, she looks great. One day I hope to post a pic. like hers, all muscle (I don´t know if I will be that brave, we´ll see :-) jejejeje )

un abrazo

Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord, Hermana!! I am soo happy for you! This really has been rewarding!

I can´t wait to get exercising today. I took a break and lets see how my body responds now to the Crunchin in high gear to Christmas!! woo hoo!

Let´s Crunch it!
Dani Joy