Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Crunch in

Thanksgiving was a huge blessing this year, and yesterday at church was a good day although we had to deal with several "issues". God helped me through each one and I thank Him for that.
Didn´t weight yesterday (forgot!) because Sundays are crazy, but did weight this a.m. and I´m down to 70.4 (last week 71.3 all week). I ate normal yesterday...well, healthy and also had a dessert cup, so what is up with that?!?! I met with Jillian this morning for a full 40 min. and am ready to eat breakfast and begin another busy prechristmas week. Looking forward to holding onto that 70 number in the kilos:) Hope to hear that we´ve all had blessings and see progress on Wed. when we measure in.
Cooling down from my crunching,
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