Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov 17 - Crunch in

Happy Birthday Maribel! I hope it was fantastic!

Well, I have been doing good with my morning stretching/training but not my evening one. I have also not been doing my best with my food choices. My lazy side is showing its true colors. =(


Joy said...

Your lazy side has a twin in me!! Doesn´t it seem easy when we start and then hard to maintain after the initial fun is over and now it is just plain old work? It has been for me. Today ask the Lord to help you with the food part and remember that a habit takes 21 days (maybe more when it comes to food choices :) to cement itself in our lives. Even if tomorrow there are no GREAT flashing numbers to indicate a BIG loss, you are feeling better, so hang in there and ask the Lord to give you victory to keep on doing the good things for your health. love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

Girl, go get yourself some treats you won´t feel guilty eating. Some sugar free low carb thingys that taste halfway decent. Takes some trial and error to find ones that taste good and that you like. I really enjoy a good yogurt that has a desert flavor but very low cal and no sugar. Also sugar free pure chocolate is a very good help. there are loads more things in the STates than here so stock up a bit for you. You deserve to treat yourself. then you will have something when you feel like being lazy and you can be. I sat on the sofa last night munching on raisins and almonds and sugar free yogurt. it felt like my special treat. maybe that wouldn´t work for you but try a bit of diff. things out. REmember to go light on these even though they don´t have sugar they still have calories.

Hang in there and keep one crunchin. the moving and crunching will really take affect. Get sweating. Sweating is key!

I love you in Jesus! you are my dear crunching partner!

Dani Joy