Friday, November 27, 2009

Running for Thanksgiving??? Crunch IN 18

Here is our fun Thanksgiving picture!

We were taking pictures for out Christmas card.
I ran a little, but after dinner I walked and walked to burn off what I ate. Which I did hurt in my middle till I walked. That Pumpkin cheesecake is so good. It´s still calling my name from the fridge, but I won´t have any more.

I walked a total of 50 min today. Not stepping on the scales tomorrow though. Just to give my body a day to recoop.

Let´s keep crunchin through to Christmas now!

Dani Joy


Sarah said...

Love the picture! I hear you about the scale.... I don't want to get on tomorrow!

Siberia said...

I love your picture. Keep up the great crunching work. You are such a big encouragement to me!


Ketty said...

Great pic girl, I love it.


Joy said...

Nice family picture :) Glad your Thanksgiving was good and I´m all for getting back to crunching on Monday. Love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

awww thanks ladies! You are soo wonderful! God sent you to me especially for this time.

Big crunchin hugs,
Dani Joy