Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday - Crunch in

I think my age is telling, because after the slumber party at church last night (only 5 juniors) I am wasted. After eating pizza I remembered it the rest of the night as I tried to sleep :( I wish there was a way to post a picture of our "feelings" after we eat the wrong food and feel so miserable - for me it isn´t guilty, just a bad upset stomach), so that next time I would remember why NOT to eat certain foods.

For breakfast I made the kid spanish thick hot chocolate and we bought "churros",(talk about temptation!) but I took along my bran flakes, apple and my tea. The kids were pretty amazed that I was eating different, but I know I´ll have more energy to make it through the day because of the good breakfast.

May all our hearts be blessed and encouraged by God´s word in His house tomorrow. Joy

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Dani Joy said...

I know what you mean, Joy! I feel so yucky when I eat something bad now. It just sits there and feels like it rots. :(

I am so proud of you for eating good this am!! Wow to turn down churros!! that´s a big step!! and that thick chocolate!! I love that stuff. But so much better without it.

Great Crunchin´
big hugs
Dani JOy