Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some success today

This morning we had a full day planned, so I did 10 minutes on my elliptical at the 7th degree of difficulty (there are 8 levels). This is the first time I have done much at that level. Usually if I am going to exercise for the long haul (for me that's 40 minutes) then I do most of it at 5 and some at 6. Then we ate breakfast. While my kids and Steve ate scones, I ate 2 hard boiled eggs and drank a little juice. Then I did my exercise video, Step up to Fitness (step aerobics), which is 48 minutes. I was then a little upset, as I thought it was 50 minutes, and I only did 10 on the elliptical, so I was 2 minutes short. No time to do more then. I quickly jumped in the shower, dried and fixed my hair, and we drove off to the "mall". My son's birthday is this week, and we had to find a gift for him. So we walked around quickly for about 30 minutes, to find the right thing for him. Then we were off again to pick my son up from a birthday sleepover he had attended.

There, our hostess offered us tea (my favorite kind, which I love with 2 spoons of sugar) and birthday cake. I politely turned down the cake and had the tea without any sugar.

When we got home I ate some chicken soup while the rest of the family had homemade pizza.

I decided that the walk around the mall probably made up for the 2 minutes I didn't do on the elliptical.

So that's my day. I'm off again to get some house cleaning done. Got the kitchen, bath, and entry way swept and mopped, now to work on other things.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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