Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Crunch

I got in 20 minutes of step taebo tonight, and 20 minutes on the exercise bike. I pulled out the old step, and dusted the thing off! No... I'm not brave enough to post a video! :)Loved Nina's! It was nice to have a change, and also worked the arms more than a normal walk, however it didn't get done till the kids went to bed, but at least it got done. I also went out with a friend today to the local coffee shop, and resisted the real sugary stuff for a London Fog with skim milk... very satisfying! Now, I'm off to finish lunch preparations and ironing for the Lord's Day.


Beth in NC said...

Good job squeezing in your exercise! I doubt I will do any today (Sunday), but I must seriously get on track tomorrow.

Many blessings!

Dani Joy said...

Great Kristy! Great choices. So good when we can have a good time out and still make good choices! Doesn´t it feel great!

Yes, keep mixing it up, Crunchin´with ya,
Dani Joy