Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday time flies by!

Well Ladies!

Half the weekend has already flown by but the best is yet to come isn't it!?!?!

I was busy busy this morning and full of energy which was a nice change :o) I even went and washed my car before the 10am ladies meeting. My original plan had been to head town way with Matt at 8am (he had an elders meeting) and go swimming first but the pool doesn't open til 12am !!!! Later on we carried on our search for a new apartment (Saturday is day when the local newspaper prints property ads), but to no avail :o(

My energies plummeted this afternoon and my chest has started to feel very tight and congested. I fear a cold is starting...... I'd thought that with all the fruit and veggies I'm currently eating would have upped my immune system. Ho hum. I'm be dosing up with airborne now.

I'm writing this all wrapped up in a blanket and don't think I'll manage my 2nd 15 mins on the bike tonight. Do I need a sick note Dani????

Take care.


PS Following Alice's FB photo link. Here you can get a glimpse of our Church life


Dani Joy said...

oh I hope you can evade getting sick. Yes a sick note signed by Matt. LOL

do what you can and don´t crunch too hard.
Dani JOY

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Dose up on the echinechea(spell?) , vitamin C, and garlic. I was never a believer until I got to Canada. It Works... if you catch it right at the beginning.

Sure hope you feel better soon:) Praying for you right now:)

KathyH said...

Along with the Airbourne I'm munching my way through loads of clementines for the Vit C.

Kristy, my echinachea ran out last winter and I haven't got new supplies yet. It is really good stuff, so I'll be at the pharmacy tomorrow morning.

We don't have 24/7 shopping here in Germany. Sunday trading is very restricted and things like pharmacies close Saturday midday.

Thanks for your prayers.