Saturday, November 21, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I got saved when I was 12 years old and I surrendered my life to the Lord at camp when I was 16 years old.

2. I married an American man, Michael Branson.

3. The best thing the Lord has given my dh and I are our 4 children: Ester 14, Ivan 12, Raquel 10 and Mikey 8.

4. When I met my husband, I didn´t speak English and he didn´t speak Spanish.

5. My husband is a juggler, and a couple of weeks after I met him at Camp Chetek where we were counselors, I asked him if he could teach me how "to huggle" instead of how to juggle. He was pretty embarrased.

6. I am a twin with another girl.

7. We live in Spain, my native country even though I was born in France, and I went to college in Puerto Rico. I also lived in the US (WI and MN) almost 7 years.

8. I used to be very atletic when I was young and was even in sports, but today I don´t like exercising very much. I do it now :-)

9. I have a few very good friends.

10. I LOVE to go out and have a good coffee with good friends and laugh a lot.

11. I DON´T LIKE cats at all, I can´t even look at pictures of them, they make me sick.

12. My dh and I have been homeschooling for almost 3 years now. Because of pulling our kids out of school, we were almost taken to court and prison because we were charged for comptent and for family abandoment. They wanted to take our kids away, but THANKS TO THE LORD, and so many people praying, we pulled it through and charges were finally dropped. :-)

13. I haven´t had a gall bladder for 14 years. I´m allergic to dust and polen.

14. During a vacation in the US 10 years ago, they had to put me in the hospital for pain and they gave me morphine. It was the best feeling ever. Don´t worry, I haven´t had any since then so I´m not addicted to it. :-)

15. I have kidney stones and cists on my kidneys.

16. It´s funny but even though it seems I have many health problems, I don´t think I look sick at all. I think I look pretty good. hahahahahaahaha.

17. I would have love to be a drama actress, specially those based in the Middle Ages, like "First Knight".

18. I also have something in my liver, but I don´t remember what. (it must not be too bad then).

19. The only thing I haven´t achieved in my life that I´ve wanted to do is to adopt one or two children.

20. I love to cross-stich and to knit afghans.

21. I used to be a clean freak before I had my children, I have loosened up big time, specially since my kids started doing the cleaning.

22. I LOVE going to camp here in Spain, I have great memories from there.

23. I LOVE to eat, and I´m trying to re-educate myself about food, specially about sweets, which are my favourite.

24. My husband is very funny even though people wouldn´t think so because he looks very serious. Once he is confortable around people, he changes. :-) I love him.

25. Doing this CHRISTMAS CRUCH it´s a huge challenge for me, because I don´t believe I would lose all the weight I want, but we´ll see.
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