Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday...last minute crunch!

Saturday I took some time to read your testimonies and was encouraged. At night I was about to go read when I thought," why not exercise?" Trust me, that thought rarely just comes up if it isn´t programed into my schedule : ) So, I tried out the walking video that someone recommended (thanks! ). It did it for 20 min. This morning the scale says I´ve lost another pound! Talk about encouraging! Today is my day of rest, worship and planning how I´m going to crunch this week with the Lord´s help.


Karen said...

Congrats Joy on the "lost" pound! Nice to hear from you on the blog. I'm enjoying the Crunch Challenge and connecting with so many people I usually don't. GREAT JOB!

Dani Joy said...

That´s so great, Joy!! You are doing great! this is so motivational. I am so amazed at how wonderful the challenge is going! the tips are incredible, the encouragement uplifting, and I just feel the love!

Awesome about the weight loss!! It is all down hill from here!! wooo hoooo!!!

Dani Joy

Beth in NC said...

Wow, that is great! Good for you!

Mary said...

Hi Joy, so glad to know you lost a pound! It is encouraging to see those numbers on the scale go down, down, down!

I just read your comment on my post...I've read many times that we shouldn't feel pain when we exercise, and I agree...the last thing we need is to do damage to our tendons or muscles in the middle of this crunch, so taking it slow and building up is the ticket. What dvd did are you using? I have 4 of Leslie's dvd's and there are several others I'm going to get, but I also saw one recommended...its by Linda Haught, and it might be do-able a little later on. So glad we are sharing our discoveries and helps to know where to start, and what to avoid.

God bless...crunchin' with you!