Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday´s pancakes

Dear crunching friends,
I don´t know for how long will be able to keep it up, but it´s my second Saturday having these delicious pancakes. I just wanted to share with you those moments. I have neever posted a video of me on my pj´s either so I must be be going crazy with this diet.
Have a blessed day.


Ketty said...

Ok, the recipe was given to me by Dani Joy, but you can only hear Joy.
And you can see my mother coming in the kitchen right at the end, she almost screwed up by video. :-)

I love to be part of this group because we just move and I only have one friend so far, but knowing that I have you all here it´s great, plus there are no places in this town to go shopping or waist my time, so it´s the perfect place to have this Christmas Crunch.


Nina in Portugal said...

Wonderful video!! And my mouth is watering!!

You could be the hostess of a cooking show!! You made those pancakes looks so WONDERFUL!!

Ketty said...

Jajajaajaja, Nina, I think I could be the hostess of any show. People that know me know I could sell you a cow if I had to. :-)
And believe it or not, you have no idea how shy I used to be when I was a kid and part of my teenage years. But it all changed after I was 15 or so. :-)


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Loved your video!
Way to keep up the healthy eating.