Sunday, November 1, 2009

Substitute for mashed potatoes

If you are missing mashed potatoes, try steaming and then mashing cauliflower. It has a wonderful flavor and the consistency will be like mashed potatoes. You can even sprinkle it with a garlic and herb seasoning (or your favorite herb). That adds wonderful flavor, and is also sodium free.


Dani Joy said...

I have a great recipe for this!

It´s great stuff!

Thanks for posting it! YOu are crunchin´away girl!!!

Dani Joy

Madridmom said...

I tried this once and I have to say it was not satisfying in the least. I had this bowl of mushy cauliflower and nobody was fooled at all! i decided never to ruin good cauliflower again that way. (BTW, I love caulifower and only usually just top with a little lemon juice.)
Sorry, this didn't work for me but maybe someone else will like it. Ü

Beth in NC said...

I have heard this is really good! I must try this soon!!!