Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank you! I accept this reward ....

...on behalf of everything I didn't eat and all my perspiration!

1. Bust 110 (4.5)
2. Waist 100 (8.0)
3. Hips 113 (4.0)
4. R Th 66 (2.5)
5. L Th 67.5 Didn't post last week.
6. R Arm 32.5 (1.5)
7. L Arm 32 Didn't post last week.

20.5 cm loss = 20 pts. and .5 carry-over!
Weight 196.2 (3.6) (I posted a 4 lb. loss earlier in the week. I won't post weight again before the week is up. Once a week is enough.)
Exercise: 60 mins Biking and 20 mins Walking = 4 pts.

I'm amazed at what a week's worth of work, sweat, determination, healthy eating, and keeping our eye on the prize can bring. At times it was VERY hard to stay the course and I wasn't perfect.... but I didn't QUIT!

Today, I'm off to the balcony to ride my bike in honor of a special night w/Randy on our upcoming 24th Wedding Anniversary on December 22!

Let's keep the CRUNCH in our day today! See you tomorrow girls!

Galatians 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.


Siberia said...

Wow Karen! That is awesome! You are doing very well! Randy and your family must be so proud of you! Keep it up!

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Karen, you are going to knock their socks off in the states during furlough! Now if the $ woud come in as fast as you are literally downsizing!
Thanks for getting ME set up with this program! love Anita

Dani Joy said...

Oh my!! this is incredible!

You are going to blow all our socks off!!

Crunchin´Dani Joy!!

Dani Joy said...

Ok.. so I even went back to check!! My goodness!! This is amazing results for just one week!

You should be sooo excited!! and so pumped to keep going!!!

I am so proud of you!!!

A big Crunchin´hug,
Dani Joy

Madridmom said...

incredible! 20 cms less in measurements! WOW. You are doing great!

Ketty said...

Karen, WOW WOW. I am so exited for you. You are doing great. I can´t wait to see how far are you going to go wit this. it´s great to have this blog where we kind of have to give "information" about our results because it keeps us in our toes.
Hasta pronto

Mary said...

Karen, big congratulations! That is awesome, and just think, you're not done yet! There's more to come off in the 7 weeks that remain, so you will be looking sweet by Christmas! You are an encouragement to the rest of us...keep crunchin'!!!

Karen said...

Thanks guys! Seriously, I had to take each of my measurements three or four times to be sure I got it right! I hope I didn't make a mistake when I started but I tried to be careful and the only one I really lost a lot on was the waist. Now I'm scared to death about this week but excited too! LET'S KEEP CRUNCHIN!

Dani Joy said...

You know what.. In the first few weeks I really crunched it with Jillian I lost a lot of inches, So I know it´s possible. A lot of water weight in the beginning too! It´s amazing how much water our bodies hold on too. And then how much they just hold on the fat! It thinks it needs to prepare for a crisis. LOL

You are going to do great! Consistancy is the key and change for life! Fitness Journey for life, for health, for your family (as you have said) and most of all for our Lord!!

Love what you are doing!!
Big Crunchin´Hug!!

Dani Joy

Mary said...

You are moving, Karen! That is are going to look good for your hubby on your anniversary!

Let's keep crunchin'!

Sarah K said...

Great job!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Wonderful work... and it is work, isn't it?
Keep it up!

Karen said...

Dani, I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my surgery. This is the first time I "literally" moved since my hyster. Whatever I'm just glad and motivated. I've got a lot more junk in my trunk where that came from!

Tami, Randy's not excited yet. He's seen me do this again and again. I'm a great beginner. It's the long haul I will be challenged in!