Saturday, November 7, 2009

There's a Fly in my Coffee

Seriously....that grosses me out!

Crunch in - Busy day shopping for new clothes and birthday presents for a friends kid. But let's go back to that new clothes part.

Not for one of my kids, my hubby or my dog...but FOR ME!!!!

Why, you may ask?! Because all my winter clothes I pulled out a few weeks ago are TOO BIG!!

(And no...I don't really cloth my may, and that's just fine. Just don't tell me about it so I won't make fun of you! giggle)

I got a new skirt and 3 new sweaters! I feel like a million bucks! The family ate McDonald's and I ate at a salad place. (yeah for me) However I had a small piece of b'day cake at the party and these little weird fried chicken thingy's that are Fabulous!!

Anyway...enough gabbing...I'm off to take off these boots and put on my tennis shoes and do a workout video.

(I still haven't figured out my ticker...I've given up on the crazy thing)

Have a great Sunday all! God is Good!!

Oh...and that fly is still in my coffee. Gross you out too? Good...put down that cookie!


Joy said...

Pretty awesome that you got new clothes out of the crunch already! Good for you. My clothes are loosed, which is such a wonderful feeling, but I´ll have to loose a lot more before I get the clothes. Have a good day and don´t tell anyone, but the ticker took me at least 2 times and lots of time to understand :)

Dani Joy said...

Me too, Nina! I have no winter skirts. What´s a girl got to do to get new clothes. LOL

Can´t wait to see your new outfits!! How fun!

Was that really a fly in your coffee? I had cookies today. :( with sugar! the first day in so long. I feel icky!! But it´s one day and my free day.. so I am ok. Gonna get right back on that wagon!

Big Crunchin´Hug!!
Dani Joy

Beth in NC said...

YAY for you!!!! That is a great reason to need new clothes! Too big! Woo hoo!

Flies are just gross anyway. Ick.

Nina in Portugal said...

Joy, I've been at it since January, so I've needed new clothes for a while now....unfortunately, I've not lost much during this Christmas Crunch...but I'm hangin' in there!