Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Crunch

Hey Ladies

Today's a looooooong day but with a bit of pre-planning I've kept to my eating plan. Left overs and a freezer mean I always have a tupperbox with something good ready to heat and eat.

One of my colleagues is a chocoholic and HE (yes he) has a drawer full with goodies to torture me with every afternoon when I get the munchies - like today! I just mentioned that I could really eat some chocolate but wasn't going to so he started demonstratively choosing what he was going to eat and noisily rustled and munched his way through a whole packet of Jaffa cakes. I ate a yoghurt :o)

My 1 hours pilates class was fun, though I think I'll have sore arms tomorrow from a new excersie we did, and now I'm back a church waiting for a seminar to start in 30mins. Hopefully I'll get home by 10pm, then it'll only have been a 13hour day. Ho hum.

See ya !


Dani Joy said...

Great job, Kathy! Crunchin even at work! Your co worker isn´t being too helpful. He may think he is being funny but that´s not funny. Especially when this is for your health. I will tell him so when I get there. ;) He is in trouble!

Keep crunchin it, girl!
Dani JOY

Joy said...

Thanks for the info on the kj and the converter. I was wondering about that since all our foods here in Spain come with the kj and I really didn´t know what it meant.
I too suffer as a chocoholic :) and have been able to buy chocolate with no sugar and like 85 to 90% cocoa (very bitter) and if I eat 1 small square when I get a craving, it settles the urge. When I eat regular chocolate (in bars or any other way) I have to eat a lot more to calm the urge.
Well, you keep working at it, and hope you continue to see good numbers.

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Keep it up!
Way to go on choosing the yogurt... much better for you. Pilates does work you out. I'm also sore from the pilates:)