Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hi Ladies,

Today's tip goes a bit into the psychological/philosophical realm. My
husband says I am unique (:, but I believe anyone can learn this, so
I am going to share it.
I have learned that the sense of smell or the sense of sight can
satisfy my "hunger" or rather "desire for food" without the sense of
taste. If I can master this idea and its application, which at times
I must admit it is hard, then I can enjoy looking at the front window
of a pastry shop without having any calories, or I can walk by the
bakery and have a smelling feast without having to eat anything. I
have convinced myself, so now I believe it is true, that many of
those fattening foods smell better than they taste. I can smell it
for a long while and maybe take just one bite satisfy my taste buds,
which as you know are connected to your sense of smell. It would be
sufficient to take one bite to "analyse" the price that you must pay
for what you get. Thinking of the hard exercise and days of famine
you must suffer, you may decide it is not worth it and choose to just
enjoy the God given senses that give us pleasure without guilt. Does
all this make sense to you? Give it a try this week and see how you do.

Let's keep on keeping on!


Dani Joy said...

So very very interesting! We were studing this in Science. What a great concept, because often we feel sick when eat that incredibly smelling food, maybe we weren´t meant to have those kinds of foods ingested at all.

Thank you for sharing this profound concept. ;)

Smellin it and Crunchin´it
Dani Joy

Joy said...

You are right on target for this one :) Many years ago I was on a special diet of only raw food. Mmy dh would bring home Dunkin donuts. I couldn´t eat one, so I´d take it and smell it a few times and then hand it back to him. He´d laugh as I told him "that was enough...I don´t have to eat it", but it was true. Just smelling was satisfying. Pretty crazy, but definitely worth a try on those foods we know are not good for us. Thanks for sharing the explanation :) love, Joy

Siberia said...

I believe in the same thing. I have been burning a lovely Maple Pumpkin Bread candle lately. It fills the house with a wonderful smell. Then I am not tempted to bake and then have a huge temptation trying not to eat the yummy tasting thing that I baked.