Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can we measure sin ? :-)

Ok, I know we can´t measure but I did commit a little one today. As I told you before I went to Madrid this weekend and it was going to be difficult to choose my food. Anyway, as I was going to to train station to come back home, I walked by a store that caught my eye. I walked by and let it go, but "I heard" this voice from ther store calling me to go back. I had to turn around and buy a box with 6 DUNKIN DONUTS for my family. Probably I hadn´t seen Dunkin Donuts in almost 7 years, they don´t have any where I live.

Ok, it´s Sunday and my day off (or weekend off) of checking what I eat. I will go back to my normal schedule tomorrow, I promise.

BUT, I did do a lot of walking, that saves me, doesn´t it???? :-)

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