Thursday, December 3, 2009

Change it UP Crunch IN - 20

Crunching an hour a day these last couple of days to see if I can get my body off this plateau that it has been on since before Thanksgiving, and trying to keep up with Tami and Ketty, called for some change up in my routine.

A half hour swim and walking, yesterday and this fun new video today that I found on exercise At first I thought it a little goofy but, it was a fun way to get my cardio in.

I needed a break from Jillian. I have been doing her dvds since August. This video has some similar exercises so I just did the harder Jillian version of the exercise. Yes, I would have to say that Jillian´s Metabolism boost dvd is harder, but for some good cardio this Bootcamp calorie burn was so fun!

Check it out!

(ignore the advertisements)

I ended up doing the last squat thrust circuit twice because I had to rewind. I had to help Michael (my youngest) with his Science notebook. I didn´t stop moving though. I kept my marching while I helped him then came back to the high intensity again.

Tonight, I did 35 min. with this video. Then 5 more stretching and then 5 minutes of burn out ab work. I combined my favorites of Jillians ab exercises and did them till I couldn´t do anymore. Then I did 2 sets of 10 push ups! But that wasn´t an hour of working out yet. I had to take the dog out and hoofed it around our neighborhood for 15 minutes!

You all are inspiring me to increase my level of workouts! I want to reach my new goals by Christmas!
How are you all doing on your goals? Feeling more fit? Isn´t that what it´s all about ladies?

Well, I haven´t shown this picture to anyone... jeje....only my hubby has seen me in these pants. They are a size 42. Which here in Spain is pretty small. I would say an 8-10.  (Not sure) I haven´t worn pants like this since before College. Maybe not ever, seens how I have always been self-conscious about my backside.  (took this picture back for wk4)

Maybe next weeks measurements will show more change in the hips and thighs. That´s another goal! (and no more loss on top)

Three cheers for Ketty and Tami for hitting 200 points and for Sarah F. on her fabulous Form! You all are so motivating!

Crunchin´it to Christmas,


Joy said...

Hi Dani,
I´m not sure, but I think the video you posted is the one that I did that left me so sore! Anyway, glad you are doing good. Not sure what you can do about loosing weight on the bottom and not on the top - spot reduction is hard to do! (with clothes washing and with body trimming:))

Siberia said...

Wow, you look great! Keep up the great work!


Sarah said...

You look great! It's always good to change things up. It shocks the body so it doesn't get used to what you're doing to it.

I thought you made your goal already... what's your goal?

Ketty said...

Hey guapa, you look wonderful. I am very happy for you.


Ketty said...

You know, one of my problems is that cardiois very hard for me. Icando crunching way better, but when I have ti junpo or get my body moving, I just wan to stop. I´d rather do weights or abs.


Siberia said...

Ketty, but the cardio is what gets your heart rate up, to get your metabolism up to burn those fat cells. Keep working at the cardio. You can do it!


Dani Joy said...

Thanks Ladies!
Yeah, spot reduction! LOL, Joy!

I am with Tami, Ketty, even though your body wants to quit you tell it whose boss and do that cardio! It will make a huge diff. and keep your heart healthy.

Sarah, I set a new goal at the beginning of the crunch. 123lbs. but that´s not happening. It seems like I am maintaining. I haven´t gotten to keep at that 128 too much. Gotta get serious in my mind again. nix the sugar totally and cut back on my suppers. I think. Been eating way too much at night. :O

Big Crunchin hugs
Dani Joy