Friday, December 4, 2009

Crunch in the 4th

Ok, I was able to do my workout today. Even though I am away from home until Monday night I´m very happy I was able to work out with Jillian today and walk also.

My calf is getting better. I followed some of Tami´s advise and I´m hoping it will get perfect soon. Dh has been wondeful also because he has been giving me massages in my calf everyday to get better.

My "behind" is still sore but there is nothing I can do about it.

We´ll see what the day brings me tomorrow.



Joy said...

Ketty, I´m with you on the cardio, specially since Jillian likes our bodies to be airborn a lot. But the less we weight, the easier it will be to pick up the body off of the floor!

I remember when I started leg exercises in Oct. I thought "I can´t do this because this leg is too heavy" and guess who made that leg so heavy? No need to answer that one.

Seems like simple math, right? I know it also has to do with muscle toning, but its true that something with a lot of weight is harder to lift. Do you know what I´ve been doing with Jillian? When I come to a part I struggle with, I try to do 5 repeats, and the next day 7 or 8. And it is working. The first time I saw her video (and barely got through the first circuit), I was ready to toss it with the word "impossible" stamped across the cover. Now I can do 10 jumping jacks without stopping. Keep pushing to do the ones that are the will be glad in the end. Love, Joy

Ketty said...

Jajajaja, I hear you lady, wht does gravity gets hold of me so hard????

And yes, I noticed I can do better, but uffffff, why do we have to get our heart pumping up like that so much?, lol lol lol


Dani Joy said...

Yeah... I am with ya ladies!

I couldn´t get myself off the ground when I started. Now, I can do all the real deals no cheaties. It took a couple of months.

Like Leslie Sansone says..that We never say after a workout that we wish we hadn´t done it."

Keep pressing play, ladies!!

Dani Joy